adjust your thermostats

it's likely to be a cold day in hell!
Not as cold as the day I actually got pregnant, but pretty damned chilly. I just realized that one of my favorite parts during the day is when Jake naps or sits quietly and I get to clean up the house. For those that know me, the bane of my existence is anything that requires papertowels, chemicals, vacuum bags, or fabric softener. I don't know if it is simply because chores allow me to actually move around, or if I (gasp) enjoy doing things for my (gasp again) family but I do at least a load of laundry each day, dishes a few times a day, and manage to clean up at least one room of the house per day between marathon feeding sessions.

When I became pregnant, my grandmother gave me the best words of advice I received: "When pregnant, don't sit down. Keep moving, keep exercising, and whatever you do, stay away from junk food. There will be plenty of time for eating ice cream and cookies while the children are growing up". This was advice passed from her mother, and likely from her mother before that. And it worked wonders, so I listened to her next piece of wisdom.

When I had the baby, she said "I hated housework, but you will just get up and do it. It comes naturally, and you will enjoy the break from the baby". Yes. Yes I do. Plus, it was much easier to stay away from the messy house for 13 hours a day when I had a normal life. Now I have to sit here and look at the clutter and cat hair. Today I spent a half an hour packing away newborn clothes. Jake is finally fitting in his 0-3 month clothes! I thought it would be easier to put those tiny little jammys in a Rubbermaid bin, but it was a bit of a tear jerker. Oh, and as an aside, I cry now too. Such a sissy. I always knew that this baby would only be a baby for so long, but now I have physical proof.

My grandmother also said something about how easily preparing meals becomes once the children are old enough to eat at the table. I can't remember the last time I put together a well rounded non-holiday meal unless we had company, so we will see what the years bring. By the time dinner comes around, I feel that I have eaten so much during the day that some fruit or a salad is plenty. But I am an adult, and have the freedom to eat all day long. Kids are held captive in school all day where food and drink are only allowed for 35 minutes out of the whole day. Hopefully Jake will be off his schedule of eating every 90 minutes by then. And even more importantly, I pray that he grows out of indiscriminately grasping for the nearest boob every time his belly rumbles. That could make for some awkward parent-teacher conferences.

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