bedtime for bonzo

This time I am really going to stick to the bedtime ritual. I was doing so well and Jake was sleeping for longer stretches, but I totally blew it through sheer laziness. By the time evening rolled around, I was so tired I couldn't get off the couch. So, here we go again with round two of trying to get some actual sleep around here.

About seven o'clock, we'll start by spending some tummy time on the floor to work up a good appetite. Then a good feeding, a warm bath, in the jammys, a nice walk through the house a couple times, in the bassinet, a story (which he loves more than life), and then lights out by nine. For both of us. I turn on the "magic fingers" vibrating option on his little bed, and hit the spring peeper noise button on his music and nature noise console and we are both asleep by the time the timer shuts off. If my parents are reading, they may be surprised that I am no longer scared to death of the peepers. I am working on conditioning Jake to love the noise, so he doesn't have to suffer in a stifling room with the windows closed to keep the peeping out.

I was having a problem going to sleep early because I got caught up in sweeps week on television. I am a sucker for a good series finale. And the kicker- I cry every time. This is a problem that I have had since My So Called Life ended. I've never cried at a wedding or a funeral. I didn't even shed a tear at the birth of my own child (the tears came later as my body drained itself of hormones through my eyes). Watching Will, Grace, Karen, and Jack in that final scene at the bar? Sobbing. That could be me and my friends someday. We go to bars, and we are getting older. I can so relate! The cast of That 70's Show ringing in the new decade? I've rung in a new decade with my friends and family too. Good times! I don't even like t.v., but I can't stop watching it this time of year. And while I'm being honest, I also cry when I hear a marching band at a sporting event. I hate marching bands! But when a big game is about to start and those little band dorks are out there blowing their horns, I have to stifle the weeping. And I have never been to a parade where I didn't cry. When you see me with the eye drops out, that is just a ruse so you think that all liquid on my cheeks comes out of a bottle. And that is about it for the crying- television, games, and parades. That is normal, right?

Anywho, with the lack of routine Jake wakes up every hour or two to eat. I'm starting to look a bit ragged and by the time morning comes I am exhausted. And I have to go back to work soon. I'll work on bedtime this week, add a morning routine in next, and then things should be in full swing when I have to go to work on June 12th, which happens to be my seventh wedding anniversary.

Once Jake is sleeping for more than three hours at a time, I will work on getting him to sleep in his own room. I just can't imagine getting up and out of bed every hour to feed him for a few minutes. It is so much easier to just pull him out of his little bed and into mine. That has got to be the life. A warm, catered meal at your bedside. All I get is a lousy glass of water that the cats drink from all night.

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