too hot for milk

Temps will be reaching the nineties in the shade by the afternoon drivetime. And I live in a brick oven rowhome with one really loud air conditioner that I turn on when the heat gets unbearable then turn off when the noise gets unbearable. Jake and I are sitting in front of the fans in our underwear today pretending that I might get up and unpack our bags from the holiday weekend. Neither one of us feels like doing much and like me, Jake seems pretty grossed out by the idea of eating which allows me to continue doing nothing for longer stretches of time. He has been going for about five or six hours without eating with the heat, but seems to be growing anyway. He is already too big for his Size 1 diapers, but I'm going to finish out this bag anyway. I hate to waste 40 diapers just because the velcro tabs are screaming.

We had a practice run with the heat and sunshine this weekend at my mom's house in Erie, where Jake got to meet his aunts and uncles and great grandparents. It was nice to have a little break from diapers and bottles and soothing a sweaty baby for a few days while my mom and whomever else was around clamored to be the one to take care of Jake. I even got some sleep, as Jake slept in my mom's room for two nights. I find that sleep is like a drug, and the more you get the more you want. I am torn between getting up early to get used to how mornings will be when I go back to work or getting in all the sleep I can get now. I hate to admit it, but I think I will probably chose the latter out of sheer laziness.

It is hard to believe, but Jake is 10.5 weeks old already and is changing every day. He is making more noises, usually something that sounds like "ah-loo" and "ma-mar". He smiles all the time but we can never seem to capture it on film. In time, I'm sure. I guess I really lucked out when I got a picture of him the first time he smiled. I thought it would be all hammy shots from then on but I was wrong, as you can see on the picture blog. Jake is getting really good at holding his head up, and has recently discovered his feet although he can't seem to get all the way down to touch them. He is getting better with his hands, and loves to stuff them in his mouth or jam them in his eyes. I've caught him with a finger in his nose a couple times but I don't know if he is digging or just stuck by accident.

I have two more weeks of leave left, and I am having a hard time getting a bag of his things together for the daycare provider. Instead of taking it out of his drawer (sad) I think I am going to hit up Target for some new onesies and sleepers. I'll buy them in a size 3-6 so they will fit through the summer and I won't have to do this again until the weather changes. It would have been much easier to go back to work a month ago when he wasn't so fun. I am looking forward to going back, especially since I can go back to the gym at lunch time or go shopping downtown without a giant stroller in tow. And, I can be the boss there instead of being bossed around here all day by a baby.

Speaking of which, I better go feed him. It has been awhile and he is getting all drooly and chatty over there.

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