two months old!

Like any good boy born on St. Paddy's Day, Jake celebrated by doing shots. Four of them. Two in each leg. He took it like a champ, and was pretty quiet once the initial shock was over. He is a bit fussy now, so I put him in his uterinesque sling that he loved when he was first born and he is on my lap now. I tried his uber-cool Baby Bjorn but he hates it, and I didn't want to mess around with his legs too much to get him in there, I'd imagine they are pretty sore. And just like most birthdays end in this house, Jake is now trying to nap and taking Tylenol to ease the pain.

Jake is a whopping 9 pounds 8.5 ounces, and is 22 3/4 inches long. The pediatrician said that she is happy with his weight, and said that at this point a baby's weight and height can be indicative of a body type. I'm okay with that, tall and thin never hurt anyone's chances at life before. His head is a bit smallish, but still normal. If you remember, he has had a small head since conception, and I look normal but really am all hair and teeth. We are both destined to a life of pin-headedness. Jake's face is rounding out, making him look more like Dave. Long and lean on the bottom, small and round on top. That is how my baby looks.

Jake is still fitting in his 0-3 month clothes pretty well, but I think that we only have a couple more weeks with his sleepers. The pants fit him, especially if they are shorts. Onesies are getting a bit snug around the old diaper, so I might have to open a 3-6 month pack of those any day now. I still dress him mostly in his pajamas, as I think it is kind of cruel to force a baby in and out of clothes. Especially clothes with dumb little sayings on it. For instance, Jake is neither a Little Prince nor a Little Slugger, and the chances of him being a Future All Star remain to be seen. Who comes up with this crap? Ladies who iron decals of kittens and Christmas trees to their sweaters I suppose.

Developmentally, Jake is right on track, he is following things with his eyes, holding onto our fingers and a few of his toys, and smiling at us. He grasps tight onto whatever it is that he is eating out of, and tends to be what Dave and I call "a bit rammy" in the evenings. He loves to head-butt and jam his face into our collarbones. That has to hurt, but he loves it. He is napping a few times a day, and sleeps pretty well until about one or two in the morning, when it becomes an eating and cooing free-for-all until about 4:30. Sometimes we sleep, sometimes we eat, sometimes we just lie in bed and talk to ourselves. The doctor was impressed by Jake's ability to hold his head up a little, and she suggested that we start leaving him in a room alone for a while each day so he can learn how to amuse and pacify himself. I have actually been doing this for a few weeks now, and she said that is okay, most first time parents have a hard time doing that.

Not me, said I. I need the alone time to amuse and pacify myself.

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