two and one thirds

I stopped posting monthly updates because it was just too complicated to fit everything Jake can do into a post. I figured every two months would be better because something major and note worthy was bound to happen in eight weeks' time. It's still too hard.

Jake is the most amazing thing in the whole world. He knows the names of so many things that I never even considered teaching him. This morning he brought me a bottle cap and said "here mom, here's a bottlecap. it's a top for a bottle, right? a bottlecap top."

Um, yes Jake. That is exactly what this is.

Jake rarely calls me "mommy" anymore. He started testing "mom" and "dad" a few months ago, and would say it over and over again to see if we would answer. Now he only adds the -my/-dy if he is really excited or overly tired. He shortens Kat Kat to Kat, and Mimi to Meem sometimes too. I don't know where he got it from, probably just from watching all the big kids do it.

Jake is waayyy into me lately. If I'm on the phone he says "stop talking, mom. i'm here now. talk to me" or "put it away. come play with me". If I'm on the couch he wants me on the floor. If we are walking he wants me to pick him up so he can "see my mouth talking". He still begs "i wanna hold you, pweease" if he wants to be held. On the way up to Erie he asked if he could hold me when he was getting tired. When I told him he could hold my hand he answered, "but i wanna hold your face". Melt.

This boy is so happy in the morning that I almost don't hate morning anymore. Almost. He says "g'mornin mom(my)! i'm awake! i'm happy! i'm excited for my milkshake! where's my dad(dy)?. i see him! daddy, wake up! come sit onna couch with me! i watch diego pwease?". The other day I remembered how he used to say "cracker please!" first thing in the morning. Of course he would say it all ghettified because we taught him how. That makes me laugh. CraCKa Pleese. We are funny parents.

Jake loves tools and cars. And books about tools and cars. And shows about tools and cars.

I don't know if I ever mentioned this, but for the past four or five months, Jake has been memorizing all of the car insignias. As him what H stands for- honda! And L? lexus! How about A? acura! What's VW stand for? volkswagen! He knows (and there may be more) Buick, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Mazda, Dodge, Plymouth, Jaguar, Ford, Honda, Lexus, Saturn, Subaru, Hyundai, Toyota, Acura, Chrysler, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Volkswagen, Nissan, GMC, and the other day he stopped dead in his tracks and said "oh, mommy, that is such a beautiful scion. i wanna go in it".

What the hell is a Scion? Why the hell does my kid know all these cars? He has always been really good at recognizing corporate logos, AT&T was one of his first words. When he was about 21 or 22 months old he was playing with my wallet and said "oh, mommy, you gotta blue cwoss!". He knows Sprint and Comcast and a billion other logos, mostly those companies that sponsor sporting events. He's gotten so good at the cars that he can recognize ones that have been debadged. I don't understand it. I can't even recognize my own car. I'm embarrassed to tell you how many times I've tried to open Camrys and Accords and other little silver cars. Remember when Dave mistook another car for ours? If only Jake had been around to help. And another thing he can do is tell you what kind of car everyone has. He has a weird little file drawer in his head where he stores the make of your car and something that happened to it. What does Uncle Brian have? a mazda. i puked in uncle brian's mazdacar. What kind of car did we take to the zoo? adewi-in's nissancar with babycousin payton. Who has a Dodge? uncle sammy has a dodge van and it plays music and we dance. It's freaky.

The "L" is the sound of the week. All L's are overLy enunciated and there is a Lot of fLappy tongue to teeth aLL over the pLace whiLe they are practiced.

Jake pees on the potty sometimes! You should see his face when he does it. He looks down, pees a little and looks up with his eyes and mouth wide open and says "i peed in it! i peed in the potty! i'm so proud! i do more!". He gets stickers as a reward. I'm not rushing the potty thing. When he is ready, he'll be ready. Why fight?

We go for long walks in the neighborhood almost every day and end up at the park or the pizza shop. Or both. We always stop by the fountain to make a wish. I forgot the pennies yesterday, and a dad who happened to be shopping at the Wednesday Passyunk Fountain Farmer's Market gave Jake a nickel, but he asked me if it was okay first. It's okay, but grown men who give coins to little boys creep me out.

Jake likes to spot the maple seed things and throw them in the air and yell "helicopter" and I like when he does it.

Jake always wants to walk really slowly through the sidewalk cafes on Passyunk and gives his "sexy eyes" (I'll try to get that on film. You'll die) to all the ladies. He is really trying to get their french fries. He gives high fives to all the weird tattooed kids at the Cantina and tries to pet their dogs. Usually I just pick Jake up when we pass through those couple blocks because before I had kids there was nothing grosser to me than kidhands. There are still very few things on the list that I consider grosser, but they don't totally repulse me anymore.

Jake doesn't seem to be so scared of bugs and butterflies anymore, but he is convinced that there are ghosts everywhere. He will tell you if there is one in your house. I'm considering calling A&E or TLC to see if they need another show about ghostspotters. I haven't seen it done with babies yet. ViVi and Monica live in our house. And sometimes one of them is IN! MY! BED! They don't seem to bother Jake, so they don't bother me. If you want a real good ghost story involving Jake, let me know. You probably already think I'm crazy, and this will be the nail that seals it. And you will get shivers up your spine.

Jake's favorite toys are the little metal Cars cars. He has Doc, Sheriff, and McQueen and we hear about them all. day. long. Besides his little toolkit that I bought him for his birthday, he doesn't play with much else. Which makes for very little clutter around my house. The boy despises a mess, and he cleans up after himself all the time. Well, most of the time.

I framed a couple of pictures Jake painted and put them up in the living room. He is so proud of them, and every time he sees them he says "i painted that one!". They go quite nicely with our bright red couches that don't go with anything else in the house. Ikea, anyone? It's funny how your furniture standards change when someone is wiping their nose on your sofa once a day.

Bedtime is the best time for me. Jake is so willing to go to bed and tell stories and sing songs and we take turns rubbing each other's faces and patting each other's backs. Dave put him to bed last night and was all squishy when he came back down because it is such an amazing thing to put that kid to bed.

Jake loves music, but only music he loves. He will be quick to tell you when he doesn't like something. We have different tastes. That's all I'll say. If Jake could watch BET videos all day long he would be in his glory. If BET played Life is a Highway he would be practically raptured. It's so cute to hear him sing that song. life's a hiiiiiggggyywayyyy. riiiiiidddeeee it. all. night. long. myyyyy wayyyyy. drive youuuuu. all. night. long.

I think that's about it. If you need to know anything else, just ask. My brain is too full of sugar coaty wonderment over that brat.


Tavia said...

Liam loves the Cars characters and music too and "Life is a Highway." When it comes on the radio, he says "That's Mac's song." His favorite artist is Rhianna. Go figure. I try to push Led Zep, STP and Foo on him too.

I would just die if he stopped calling me Mommy!!

nicole said...

Hayden called me mom the other day. I told her not to ever do it again!

susan said...

Holy crap. Wunderkind much? Love, love, love that boy and all he can do!!!

MJ said...

Jake, Jake, Jake....it's always about Jake! Seriously though, it's hard to believe how big he's getting.

Diane said...

You think the car thing is weird? My brother used to memorize everyone's license plate numbers! Creepy...