and the first digit is

Do you ever wishandhopeandpray that someone in particular wins the lottery just so you don't have to work with that person anymore?

And that all those mo' problems that come with having mo' money befall that horrid wretch because they totally deserve it for the hell they put you through?

Here's to you Xxxxy Xxxxxxxxxn. I almost gave you a dollar today when we were standing beside that newsstand after our meeting and you wouldn't shut your damn yapper but all I had was a ten.


Rinny said...

I honestly hadn't ever wished for the kind of misfortune on co-workers. However, today in particular I have wished for several cavernous holes to open up and swallow persons x, y, & z.

Beth Fish said...

Wouldn't it be easier to win it yourself?

kelsi said...

oh, i wish for that sort of thing all the time. i had a coworker who i used to wish would decide that she wanted to be a stay at home mom so i wouldn't end up stabbing her. win-win!