and it's only 12.30

I've found myself with a few boy-free hours this morning. I made big plans to get my ever-expanding rear end to the gym and check up with a jeweler about a ring I am having re-sized but instead I managed to clean the downstairs, listen to some amazing music, dance with my cat in my underwear (bad syntax, I know, but it is funny to think of Tyler in my underpants), drink a pot of coffee, change my toenail polish, play with my new make-up, apply self-tanner, whiten my teeth, read a good chunk of a book without pictures, and dye my hair red. Note I didn't say shave my legs. I mean, why bother? Long pants season is only a month or two away, it would be a complete waste of time.

I can almost remember when this was a typical Saturday morning. Except I would just be starting my morning at noon-thirty instead of ending it.

I'll get to the gym tomorrow during the Eagles game. And maybe go a shade redder with the hair with a glaze or a few highlights. Because you know, you can never be too thin or too red.

Oh wait. Oh yes. Yes you can. Remember when you were all very concerned about me two years ago when I looked like a gauntishly horrific Mary Jane Watson*? That was bad. I guess I'll skip the gym. Or maybe the hair dye.

*If you are at home alone, turn your Google Image SafeSearch off and type in Mary Jane Watson. Hours of entertainment.


Rinny said...

I had a few boy free hours myself. Except my boy is 32. I wasn't quite as productive as you, but I can't complain. Have a fabulous weekend....and why don't you try on Tyler's pajamas? Get it? The cat's pajamas??? :)

Mara J. said...

The best mornings are those that you get to spend in your underwear. I spent all day Saturday in mine. Rainy days are good for that.