characteristics of the 30-36 month old

Terrible two's actually start at two and a half. Guess who turns two and a half today?
As par for the course, here is the Gesell Institute list of characteristics for the 30-36 month set. As a side note, most random hits for this blog are directed through these posts. So, welcome, moms who are struggling with their 2.5 year old maniac!

* changes dramatically into a peak of disequilibrium Disequilibrium sounds like a really nice way to say bi-polar. Jake is the sweetest little boy in the whole world. Except for when he isn't. Then life is hard for everyone in a three block radius. He doesn't tantrum, per say. He just kind of melts into the floor and drips out of your hands when you try to pick him up. Then he cries, as if you were the one who pushed him down in the first place. Sometimes he just chooses not to listen. Those are the good days.

*is rigid and inflexible Maybe. He is still pretty easy going and people pleasing. As long as you bill something as an adventure, he is up for it.

*has almost no patience; wants what he wants when he wants it When he is good, he will wait for something. The whole "one minute" trick still works, but he will be sure to remind you if you don't get him what he wants.

*cannot adapt, give in, or wait a little while Sometimes yes, sometimes no. That whole disequilibrium thing again. He is still pretty good at this, but he has only been 30-36 months old now for a few hours.

*demands that everything be in its proper (to him) place He gets that from his mommy.

*requires routines to be followed rigidly; in the same sequence, wears the same clothes, eats the same food Maybe Jake's mommy is kinda sorta stuck in the 30-36 month stage. This is more my problem than it is Jake's. I try to be flexible with him and surprise him with change. It's harder for me than it is for him.

*is extremely domineering and demanding: he must give the orders, make the decisions That would (will) last about a minute in my house. It has started a bit, mostly with Dave. Jake loves me more and he trusts me with his life decisions 100%. Okay 90%. 55%. Jake trusts me 55% of the time.

*is subject to violent emotions; there is little modulation of emotional expression (it is all intense!) It's like camping. Give it a minute... Intense. In tents. Never mind. The joke works better when I'm telling it, not when I'm typing it.

* is in an age of opposite extremes; he finds it almost impossible to make a choice and stick with it Especially with food. He absolutely needs something, but in the time it takes to make it he has changed his mind. This might be the reason for my recent weight gain. I mean, we can't waste all that pbj, can we?

*finds it nearly impossible to change gears, is highly persistent We do this thing where we look at each other and take deep breaths and say the word "relax" over and over again. Sometimes we say "focus". When Jake decides it's time to change gears, it is fun to watch. When we force him to change gears, sometimes tears happen.

*is vigorous, enthusiastic, energetic Yes, yes, yes.


Amy Jo said...

Our kids must be sharing tactics. Sam, and now even Lucy, turn into bone-less heaps when they are angry. We call it noodling. And it totally blows.

Speaking of totally blowing, both of my kids are running at the nose like a faucet. I think it's just an allergy this, so we're still planning to come tonight. However if you any reservations about them getting their snots all over your house and kid just say the word and we'll stay home. It's up to you!

Amy Jo said...

P.S. We'll bring our own tissues!

The Swiss Miss said...

JT is insanely good for 4 days then melts down and I'm ready to send him packing the other 3. I wish he was more bi-polar each day instead of saving it up. I find it hard dealing with a crabby pants kid all day long, all weekend long - especially because that's MOM time. Are they 5 yet?

kelsi said...

the camping joke is one of my favorite jokes to tell. and you're right. it doesn't work nearly as well in print.