You know, I really don't care what your political affiliation is.

That didn't come out right. What I mean is, I really don't mind what your political affiliation is. It's a free country. You can think and feel however you wish. You can say just about anything and do an awful lot of things.

You have probably figured out who I'm voting for. I recently changed my voter's registration to Democrat (from Independent, this time. Last time I changed, I changed from... ready... no seriously?... Republican to Independent. The time before that, Democratic to Republican). I have no party loyalty, I have policy loyalty. I am a Democrat now because I feel that the majority of the tax cuts and initiatives proposed by the Republican Party would have an adverse effect on my State, on my City, on my neighborhood, and on my job. When social service programs get cut, the quality of life in urban and suburban areas deteriorates. I want to keep my job, and I want to keep my neighborhood nice. You know, for the boy.

Oh, and don't think you are safe out there in the burbs. Want to hear a dirty secret? When City programs are cut or limited, we do-gooder social workers have a trick. Our trick is to filter everyone who needs housing and rehab services outwards. To. Your. Neighborhood!!! The horror!!! You know that house on your block, the one with the unmown lawn, that has been on the market for six months? That would make a great HUD house, or maybe Section 8. A few phone calls to the realtor, a few emails to your local government, and the seller of that house lands herself a sweetass deal with tons of tax breaks. Then we call the church around the corner from you and they set up a furniture and clothing drive. We call the elementary school and they have a canned food drive. Two or three months later, Cathy Crackhead and her eight children move down the street from you into a fully furnished house with a stocked pantry. And then her sister Helga Heroin moves in when she gets kicked out of her apartment, and Helga brings her seven kids and her boyfriend, Mario-a-juana. It's gonna be awesome for you! And better for me, because those damned addicts will be out of my caseload and gone from my town. I can't wait!

That abandoned boutique on your corner looks like a great place for a meth clinic, btw. Can you get me the number off the For Sale sign in the window? One of my agencies is running into hard times here in the City and wants to move out where the taxes are more reasonable.


Want to hear what I do care about, something that has been bothering me? People I have considered friends, people who I look up to, people who are my higher ups, people who own businesses that I support, people, people, people, have been talking. I have been terribly disappointed lately because I've been hearing things like "that fucking cunt Palin", and "I'm not voting for a nigger", and "fuck McCain for his plans on National Security and fuck the men overseas. They chose this life", and "I hate Muslims, and Obama is secretly a Muslim", and so on and so on.

Again, I don't care how you vote, but I am shocked and embarrassed that people I have chosen to surround myself with have the gall to say those things. Out loud. In public. To people they don't know, or hardly know, or know well. As if talking politics in a professional setting (okay, or a bar) should include slurs and stabs at men and women who are fighting every day to make life better for us.

I don't support this war, but I support the troops. I have friends over there, and a family member. I just want them to come home. And so what if Obama has Muslims in his family. It's not like they are the Taliban. It could be worse. He could secretly be a radical Evangelical, like some people who currently hold office. That scares me more because American's love them a Christian boy, and tend to treat Christians in government like a Pastor. Sheep scare me. Shepherds scare me.
And really, Palin, a cunt? I don't like her, I think she is a redneck who needs to read a bit more before opening her mouth and maybe devote a little bit of time to the raising of her children, but I wouldn't call her a cunt. I save that word to use a compliment. I save that word for Hillary. It's like "bitch" to the thirty-seventh power. Someone who gets things done through the back door no matter what. Someday I hope to be a cunt.
And nigger? There are two things I know about the word "nigger". One is that it doesn't matter what color you are, you can still be one. The second thing is the only people I have ever heard use that word are niggers, white or black or red or yellow. What's the old saying? "I can say that because I am one"? "You can only say it if you are one"? Something like that. So there you have it. I can't imagine that word has crossed Obama's lips too many times in his life.

I'm just disappointed, is all. This election is bringing out the worst in people.

On a lighter note, is it acceptable that I think McCain was a total hottie back in his POW days? Those propaganda ads where they show him leaving captivity totally hit me below the belt and above the knees. And I think his little nautical star logo is really cute. All of us Alternaset Post-Indie kids are drawn to nautical stars. It's like if you were born in the mid-seventies that is your chosen symbol. I think that some campaign manager designed it that way to rope us in.

And, maybe I would totally suckle at Sarah's ripe milky teat if I was given the chance. She is a looker, I'll give her that. I would also like to slap her face and make her imitate Tina Fey while she was on her knees begging for a bite of my hotdog that I would be enjoying with ketchup and relish, both of which would be dripping down on her face and smearing up her glasses.

But you probably don't want to hear all that.


Mara J. said...

Dirty, dirty, the things you want to do to Palin....

I agree that this election is really showing the lack of intellect and pure ignorance that is the "American" people.

Of course, I don't agree with ALL of Obama's proposed policies, but he's definitely getting my vote. In fact, I may be volunteering to help get Latinos registered to vote (for Obama, hopefuly) at one of his campaign's upcoming rallies.

LJ said...

Hahaha! Ah, this is too much. Lmao. :)

Heather and Cody said...

I love to vote...but I hate elections. Isn't that funny? I hate it for exactly the same reason of it bringing out the worst in people and the ads...oh the ads...both parties lie or have truth and it leaves the vast majority of people confused or voting one way for wrong reasons. I like the old saying, "think globally, act locally" or something like that. WoW! run on sentance.

Team Manager said...

Enjoyed your post. You rock, girl!

David said...

That took a turn I wasn't expecting. Hello!

I think you are ignoring the big issue, is Obama Muslin?

The suburb thing made me think of this.

Anonymous said...

Oh how you talk dirty!! I'm sure David liked it but he wouldn't tell you so. He is a good boy from the 'burbs you know.

McCain was H.O.T. back in the day. If he still looked like that I would vote for him on looks alone because you know us suburban housewives were not too bright and we wouldn't know any of their stands on issues.


Luisa said...

I just got in my absentee ballot! Woo hoo! Thankfully I don't have to see the ridiculousness of the political ad campaigns. Ick. I'm just hoping to have a presidential cabinet I can have a bit of pride in...I'm sick of defending my country because we have a retarded redneck in the whitehouse. Everytime I see that man attempt to intelligently answer a question I am reminded of the Simpsons- when they zoom into Homer's head and see the monkey eating the bugs off the other monkey's back. Sorry, I digress. You've got another Obama vote coming in from Ireland!