I've been MIA lately, but I'm as okay as anyone suffering the plague is. I'd feel bad for myself, but we are all in this together so I know I'm not the only one losing lung tissue and sections of my colon. WTF is up with this(-ese) flu(s)?

I blame the Russians.

I feel like writing, but I don't feel like typing. Writing is easy, because I can just toss everything out there and be done with it. Typing is hard because I'm hopped up on cold medicine and my fingers are somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean. Floating.

flow ting.

floa ting.

flea tang.



float some.


Luckily, Michelle over at My Semblance of Sanity is featuring a different Mommy Blogger every Monday from here until eternity and because I am really good at not doing work at work on a Friday afternoon and could get all of her questions answered, I am first in line!

Check me out here! And you'll be able to do so closely, my profile picture is giant on her page you be the judge whether I look more adorable and bewildered yet pensive and beguiling at 1" x .75" or at 4" x 3".

While you are over there, check out the work Michelle is doing at It's 4 the Kids. If you can't help financially, there are other ways you can contribute. Even if it is just by taking a look there and seeing what other families are going through so you can count your blessings around your supper table tonight and maybe toss a prayer up or some good karma or some fairy dust out to those who need it.

Thank you Michelle.

Also, as an aside, you know how I go through life thinking that everything is all about me and I am pretty much the axis on which this earth turns? No? Well, sometimes I do but usually I try to keep it in check. Anyway, when I sat down at my desk I checked my Reader and there were two posts (only two! In a whole hour! The rest of you suckers must be at home with the kiddos today. Snowday, holler!) in there. And both posts had my name in the titles.
There was this one from Michelle
and this one from from Muffy.
Big ups to Michelle and Muffy for making me feel like an all-important world-famous superstar today.
Three cheers to a cocktail of Mucinex, Pepto, Sudafed, coffee, and PediaCare -yes PediaCare- for keeping me awakish today.

I'd be a hot mess without meds.


Rinny said...

I am sorry that you are sick. But happy that you took time to post so I would have something to read for a moment. Take care of yourself!

Heather-Anne said...

Feel better!

Eric's Mommy said...

Feel better, I'm there too.

Amanda said...

Cold meds are great. No snow day here, just kid shit going on. Haven't been able to write anything of quality that I feel like sharing with the world.

susan said...

Feel better soon!

A Free Man said...

That cold medicine is some good shiz, isn't it?

Brandie said...

I hope you're feeling better. I'm still feeling the after effects...this shit just doesn't want to leave my system! It sucks, so I feel your pain.

aahcoffee said...

Enjoyed your interview! Now I'm all sweaty because I just sent her mine and I'm nervous. Yikes!