the goose is getting fat

Shopping for Jacob this Christmas was easy, he only wants one thing.  A Nintendo 3DS.  And while I'm not crazy about the video gaming and while I'm not crazy about a five year old having his very own video gaming thingy, I bought the Nintendo 3DS.  In red.  Because everything has to be red.
I got it at Target on sale plus they gave out a $50 gift card when you bought it so it covered most of the cost of the other gifts, so I feel like I won on some sort of level.

I also got him a hardcover copy of Jumanji.
And a Yellow Submarine clock for his room.
Scrabble and Parcheesi in hard wooden boxes- but those are really more house gifts than gifts for Jake.  I only buy hardcover games.  I hate those cheap soft boxes that never stack well anywhere and end up needing eight layers of scotch tape on the corners.
LEGOs, the kind that you don't have to make anything in particular.
And a couple Ninjago guys for his stocking.
And an eight ball, he's obsessed.
And a few more wooden train track pieces from Ikea.  We never have enough to build the sort of track we want to build, and I'm assuming that won't change just because we are buying more.

And that's it.
I have a pair of socks to put in his stocking.

And a pair of rocket ship pajamas that I might wrap up or just give him to wear Christmas Eve.  The last time I put Jake in a cute pair of jams the night before, he peed on them and had to change to something else and the Christmas morning pictures weren't as cute as they would have been and I just sort of flaked on it last year. 

And summer clothes that I got for a steal- four pairs of shorts and four shirts, but I don't think I'll wrap them because I'm on the fence about Clothes for Christmas.  It adds bulk under the tree for sure, but I think it raises quantitative expectations for Christmases to Come and disappoints qualitatively for the kiddo.
I'll probably just put them in a drawer and roll them out when the weather breaks in April.

Dave's mom might be getting Jake a telescope, he's really into space.  We have an amazing picture encyclopedia I'd recommend to anyone who needs to pick up a gift for a little kid.  The whole family will enjoy it and it's educational.  Points.  We are reading it for the second time, no breaks in between readings.  It's that good.

I'm going to buy a game for the DS and my mom will pay me back.  It's easier that way.
Blocks and trains and outer space and bugs and Super Mario brothers.
That's what little boys are made of.
Nice to know things haven't changed that much since I was little.

also, Jake has been a drawing fool lately.  Which is a big step for him.  It used to be like pulling teeth to get him to even try to draw.


pureklass said...

That sleigh is AWESOME.

I hope you are having a festive Decembertime!

Tiffany said...

Great pictures!

I like keeping it simple too - partly because I too don't want to set ridiculously high expectations for Christmases to come, and partly because we're on a pretty tight budget.

My kids are each getting two presents (totaling about $50) and some stuff in their stocking, as well as a Wii game for a family gift.

I know i could totally keep going, and it's probably good I don't win the lottery or these kids would be somewhat (or a lot) spoiled at Christmas!

Kitty Moore said...

I bought Mia a Nintendo, she got bored after a couple of months but I became addicted to Mario Bros for much longer!

Holli said...

Great drawings! I always keep the ones my nephew makes for me. Although he really doesn't draw anymore... that's kinda sad... maybe I should ask him why...

noexcuses said...

Jake is going to have a great Christmas! I love his pictures! Great Santa, dude! I love watching them open the presents, even if they already know what it is! They shriek just for me!

Amy Jo said...

I wonder if the interest in drawing is a developmental thing. Sam was never into coloring or drawing before, either, but now it's daily activity.

Hope you are all well!

susan said...

Ha! I think Aaron's (soon to be DS) is in red, too. Although recently he's relented on the all red only red red red red red mandate and opened it up to be "all the colors in the rainbow but mostly red or yellow or green because those are your favorite colors, Mommy." Sometimes he's so cute I want to puke. Which is a nice balance to the other times I want to puke because he's, er, um, so very not cute.

"Blocks and trains and outer space and bugs and Super Mario brothers..." yep, that about sums it up!

SueAnn said...

His drawings are wonderful!! So colorful!!

Lucy said...

Love the drawings!

I think Jake is gonna have a wonderful Christmas, lot's of love and nice gifts to boot, what more can a kid ask for?

Christina said...

Those are some great drawings!

Amber Star said...

Jake and you all are going to have a fab Christmas. It is so fun having a little one on Christmas morning. Our grandson is 10 and still fun and sweet. He is going to have a fun Christmas, too.

Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Facebook has my attention these days and I'm there more than the blog, but I'll change back, I think.

Andrea (ace1028) said...

Happy holidays! Love the drawings! I totally know what you mean about clothes, but I do buy them for the holidays. I will probably save some and roll 'em out later on, as well, but much of it is stuff she needs now! Ack! She's growing like a weed, this kid of mine.

Most of what I have for her for Chanukah and Christmas was won or purchased on sale this year. I'm a good pre-holiday person as I like to prep and save $! ;)

Anyway, it's all simple enough, but we'll see how it turns out when the holiday is done. Her bday is in Feb, so we'll be back at the drawing board again.

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

all awesome gifts - I love the wooden box games. Sadly my husband doesn't care for board games so hopefully I can foster it in our children... when we have 1.