Eve Eve.

Christmastime without Santa is proving to be quite liberating for us all.

Jacob, who knows for certain this year, unlike every other year when he just couldn't quite sort it all out logically except for the days between Thanksgiving and New Years when he was afraid not to believe, is absolutely tickled with his little truth.  He loves listening to his friends talk about Santa and thinks it great fun to play along.  I wonder how many of them are playing along too.  Especially ones with littler kids in the house.  Jake can't wait until next year, when he can play Santa for Nicholas.  I might ask Jacob to put Nick's gifts under the tree tomorrow night.

Jacob knows the presents are in the house, in my room.  The entire front of the house has never been such sacred ground.  I've never gotten so much privacy in my whole life, he's very respectful of the doorjamb and wouldn't dare stick a toe past the threshold.

The tree is up, lights are on.  No ornaments.  I think we might skip them this year, especially with Nicholas.  Ornaments are a cause of stress for me anyway.  They are always so uneven and so mismatched and so precariously perched.  I like a lighted and otherwise bare tree, and haven't had one in years.  Maybe we'll make (another) paper chain and string that around. Probably not, with all the baking that has yet to begin.

I make amazing cookies.  I cut the sugar by at least one-third and substitute whiskey for vanilla extract.  I keep meaning to make vanilla infused-whiskey and I even have a vanilla bean for that exact purpose but it never happens.  Maybe I'll make vanilla bourbon for New Years and invent some sort of vanilla Manhattan.  That sounds good.  Right now.  At 9 am.

Nicholas is starting to be a real human boy these days.  Still not walking, although he's perfectly capable.  He prefers to crawl or walk on his knees, and they are turning into leather.  Words aren't really his thing, though he has a version of clock, cookie, kitty, Jacob and maybe a few other things. Mama is used for complaining and Dad is used when happy.  Of course. Those are all of Jacob's first words too.  Funny how they are the same and different. Nick keeps doing the Itsy Bitsy Spider fingers thing and is thrilled when other people know what he's doing.  Pretty soon he'll be out of the baby room at daycare and into the toddler room.  I have no doubt a few habits will be picked up.  And broken.  Like hitting.

I don't know if Jake hit, and his daycare lady would have never told me if he did because things like that weren't an issue, they just were and they were dealt with and that was that.  Nick's daycare doesn't seem to mind, and they do what I do when he does it- put him in the playpen without toys for a minute- so I don't really take issue with any of what they are doing.

In-home daycare and daycare center daycare are two very different animals.

I have a lot of things going on in my personal life, all good things. I'm gearing myself up for a career change.  FOR REAL THIS TIME.  I love what I do, but I'm afraid the money isn't going to be there in the next year or two.  After I finish this post, I'm going to take a good strong look at my resume.  I'm starting my own side business.  I'm calling it Liberty Studio.  There will be Reiki Healing and Crystal Healing and something that I'm calling Holistic Coaching because I hate the words Parent Coaching and Life Coaching and workshops and classes and it's going to take awhile to get it up and running but I'm having fun with the process and hoping for at least a small clientele base in the new year.

I just typed "caseload" up there.  See?  I need to get away from this field.  I'm starting to get jaded and exhausted.

I don't do well when I'm tired.


Cara said...

I am not sure if my seven year old knows the truth about Santa yet, if he does he is hiding it well. We had ornaments all over the tree but now only on the top 1/2- and all the candy canes have been tasted tested by Carmela.
I am going to have to try substituting whiskey for vanilla- sound like good cookies.
Good luck with the new prospects- change is scary and exciting all rolled into one.

JMH said...

Merry Christmas to you and the family. I hope it's a good one. I vote yes on vanilla Manhattan. I have a few vanilla beans myself, but I can't recall where I put them. They might be in the junk drawer. Or the sock drawer. If so, I hope they don't absorb the sock flavor.

charlottemedia said...

Merry Christmas and good luck with the new job!

Jenny Grace said...

I'm pretty certain Gabriel is just playing along with Santa because he thinks it's fun, but I don't want to stop playing along with him long enough to find out!