Winter is here.  You know how I know?  Because I'm wearing the same exact thing I wore yesterday.  To work.  And I slept in it.  My teeth are brushed and my underwear and socks have been swapped out, but everything else is the same. It's just not warm enough in the mornings to motivate change or showering or much of anything else. 

It's not even particularly cold outside, I think we're up near 60 all week long.  But I'm still wearing my giant sleeping bag coat that's rated to -20 degrees.  I'll never understand what that means considering that I'm freezing in it when it drops below 40.  I think I have an internal regulating problem.  The problem is me, not the coat.

Thanksgiving came and went, we spent it at home in our pajamas. No friends or family to help us eat down the turkey.  December is for friends and family.  Thanksgiving is for bulking up a bit to fill in the winter clothes.  The turkey is all but gone (or frozen into stock) and the sides have all been eaten.  The fridge is just about empty.  Pies were store-bought this year since no one came over to judge.

Cherry, blueberry and pumpkin.  All long gone.

Nicholas' birthday passed without much event either, though we'll be having a cake for him when we do our annual giant holiday party.  He won't know the difference, and it will be nice to have everyone present and accounted for.  Jacob cried on his first birthday and hated the cake.  Nicholas was a little scared of the candle and the singing but ate every crumb of his cupcake.  Nicholas is an eater.  He's up near the 100th percentile in height and around the 80th for his weight.  He's a big boy.  He eats more than Jacob most nights at dinner.  And Jacob can really put it down.


All that up there was from yesterday (Tuesday) morning.  Something must have happened and I hit save and never got around to finishing the post so I'll try again today.

This morning was better.  I showered.  But I didn't get coffee.  No worries, I thought.  I can make it a day without coffee.

So I got into work and I sat down at my desk and I turned on my computer and I reached over my shoulder and tried to find the seatbelt and for some reason I couldn't grab it so I got for reals angry and I reached back with my other hand and said (aloud) what the heck? and then I realized that my desk chair doesn't come with a safety strap.

And then I got a cup of coffee.  Work coffee.  Dranken for medicinal purposes only.  It was left over from yesterday, punishment for being one of the first ones into the office most days.  On a good day it's the worst cup of coffee you'll have all month.

I forgot my planner at home.  I'm a paper and pencil sort, and I just can't function using outlook or google calendar or whatever kids use these days.  I know where I'm supposed to be this afternoon, but I am thinking of cancelling because the weather is nicer than expected and I'm scheduled to be in a (bad) high school and I'd be getting out with the kids and it's a long walk to the subway and the bus up there never comes and the last thing I want to deal with is all that.

I know that's not the attitude I'm supposed to have.

I forgot my planner at home because there was a meeting of the newly-formed Melrose Civic Association.  That's my neighborhood, now it has a name and a Civic Association.  Dave and I and our friends Frank and his wife Andrea started it a couple months ago and we meet in the Public Library on the first Tuesday of the month.  We've got a few of the neighborhood businesses heavily involved and a good group of concerned neighbors coming out so it's a nice thing to be spearheading.

I get to head up the Greening Committee.  Trees for everyone!
And something else, but I forget now.  I have it written down somewhere.
A lot of people from South Philly hate trees.  Because "they bring the rats".  Or squirrels.  Squirrels is what we call them once we are north of Washington Avenue.  And they create yardwork.  Sweeping fifteen square feet of sidewalk in front of your house is really hard for some people.


And that up there is from Wednesday morning and something must have happened and then Wednesday happened and now here it is Friday.  I just accidentally typed Tuesday and Thursday up there because I don't remember what day it is ever.  I've had coffee this morning, but the first pot I made had no coffee in the basket so I just made a pot of hot water but that was easily remedied because it was 5am and I didn't have to leave the house for two and a half hours.  Nicholas sees fit to wake up any old time he feels like it.
I still didn't get a chance to shower this morning.  But I changed my clothes. 
All of them.

I'm so tired.  Everyone everywhere is so tired, so I won't complain about it.

Dave and I went out for a couple drinks the other night and ended up getting a deal from hotels.com on a schmancy room that we bought for sleeping purposes.  An expensive nap.  We made the decision to have drinks instead of going to a movie because I "didn't want to pay for a nap".  Well.

I don't do well in theaters.  That's a lot of sitting down for a long time and it's loud and it's cold and I hate the smell of popcorn.

I do very well in fancy hotels, once I've scanned the room for bedbugs.

I scan for bedbugs everywhere I go.
I'm scanning for bedbugs right now.


Actuary Mom said...

I feel like that a lot. All of that.

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

Always scan for bed bugs. That's become my job. Mike makes me do it when we get to hotels. Sadly I'm not 100% sure what I'm looking for, I've never seen one but I know where to check. So far, no bites I think I'm doing OK.

We always stay in Motel 6 or the like so it's NEEDED.

I do the "making hot filtered water" at least once a week. I'm the coffee bitch at my office. I make it every morning and I have AM's where I get back and there is no coffee left. Thus I have started leaving passive aggressive notes... "If you take the last cup of coffee make more!" I also found a cute photo of a chick w/ a shot gun looking angry that says "WHAT DO YOU MEAN WE'RE OUT OF COFFEE!!!" I try to keep it light but I'll cut someone if they don't make more coffee.

And to think... just last year I gave up coffee for a whole summer and any caffeine in the AM all together. And now I'm a monster again. Oh well.

You make me feel better. Last weekend I wore a flannel over a shirt for the Alabama game... I wore it all day, it still smelled like the pizza I baked the night before when I put it on the next AM not thinking about it...we met up with the in-laws for lunch - and I was like sorry, it's my birthday I can wear the same shirt two days in a row!

I couldn't live without some type of nature around me. I've always dreamed of having a row home in Baltimore or downtown Frederick MD - I'd have to have at least ONE tree out front and maybe some green in the back yard. I can't function without it. I'm convinced.

Susan Lindgren said...

You could have napped in the movie theater, cheaper. That is what I do when I go to the movies. It's so dark and cool and I can tune out the noise. Doesn't say much for the movies I watch.