You guys, I did it.  I got a new job.  A new job at a new place in a new field.

It's right downtown and across the street from the school where Jacob will attend grades 5-12 which is just two and a half short years away.  And near the subway.  And in a place where I already have a few friends working.

It's at a Major Philadelphia University.  With tuition reimbursement for me and my family and other benefits.
It involves real medical science.  With medical doctors. 
And flexibility. 
And room to grow.
And science.

I really need some hard science in my life after 15 years in soft science.  In a place where I'm done growing and in a place that's cutting back on the flexibility. A place that's changing and leaving people like me a little uneasy with the changes.

My new supervisor is a doctor and a mom and a genius and a really nice person and she's seen me on stage but at first she thought she recognized me because I look so much like Amy Adams.
I get that a lot.  People think I'm Amy Adams at least once or twice a week, especially if they are drunk.  If I wear makeup or comb my hair the people think I look like Isla Fisher.  It's really hard to tell those two apart.  If I ever get famous and need a movie made about me, I hope Isla plays me because she's the prettier twin.

She liked me on stage.  She thought I was smart and funny.  She thought my whole team was smart and funny.  I miss my whole team. I miss getting on stage. Soon that will change.  April at the latest.  But doing something completely different than I was doing before.  I've taken a Storytelling workshop and I have another one coming up in a little under two weeks and then I'm just going to do it.  Just going to get up there and do it because all the classes in the world won't get me ready as well as putting five or ten minutes of stagetime will do.  Just me up there on stage.  All by myself.

I'm coming out of my comfort zones. 

I'm not going to be the expert of anything at my new job.  No one will think I'm the best around.  No one will defer to me for the right answers.  I liked being a point person, for a time.  I'm over it.  I want to blend in a little bit more. I want to learn something instead of teach something.  Be monitored rather than monitor. 
But it's scary.  Good scary.

The boys are just fine.  Nicholas is walking all over the place and starting to talk.  Milk, book, horse, clock, dog, cookie, cheese, hi, bye, mama, dada, Jacob, light, eat. Not that you'd be able to recognize many of those words but I can.  He does cute animal imitations like flapping his arms and saying "twee twee" when you ask him what a bird does and making his arm like a trunk and spitting all over the place when you say elephant.
Jacob earned his yellow belt in judo recently and will start competing soon.  School is as good as second grade can be when you just aren't in love with your teacher and some of the kids are real jerks.

The good thing about teachers is that you only have them for one year.  Unless you are me.  I had the same man for four years of elementary school.  Sometimes he was just my math or science teacher but he was always in my life.  He was the angriest person I have ever met, and I have seen anger many many many times.  I see him on Facebook and he's a Christian now, which I guess is supposed to make everything all better.  He was scary and cruel except when he wasn't.  Then he was wonderful. 
I'm not comfortable with people like that no matter how wonderful they are when they are wonderful.  No matter how much Jesus is in their hearts thirty years later.
The bad thing about teachers is that you only have them for a year.  I'm sure I had some good teachers but no one that stands out anymore. Some that I liked more than others, sure.  But no one that totally blew me out of the water.

Holy crap I can't believe I have a new job lined up.  A research job at a University.  This is like my big girl job.  I can't wait. 


charlottemedia said...


Evolutionary Revolutionary said...

I'm so excited for you. It sounds like things are moving along QUITE swimmingly for you.

I can't to see your new performance. Even though I never saw your old one.

Jill said...

Congratulations on the new gig! The storytelling workshop sounds neat.

Shinny said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! So glad you were able to make the move to something new and hopefully much more enjoyable then the old job. So jealous. Good luck and I am getting closer to sending a package of "treasure" your way. ;)

Jenny Grace said...

I'm so happy for you!!

Susan Lindgren said...

YES! Best wishes and all that jazz on your new job!

daisyfae said...

congratulations! this is a wonderful step - and i admire the hell out of your ability, and willingness, to kick your comfort zone to the curb!

i like working in science. i like working with scientists, and engineers, and physicists -- because there is an over-arching fog of LOGIC that permeates the atmosphere. except when it doesn't -- because underneath all that logic and scientific thought? we are all human animals, and subject to emotion and normal human behavior. when that happens? it's such a surprise... and sometimes a delight!

go get it, sister!

Andrea B. said...

I finally got off my butt and came by to see if you had posted, because talking through Instagram is not enough. ;)

Congrats, again. Yes, you will learn so much and that is so cool. I get that need, sometimes it is sooo there. I am excited for you.

Cannot wait to hear more!

Oh, and do you have some time off in between? Like time for you? Hope you get a few days at least, just to breathe.

Congrats again, you grown up. You!

Mrs. Fry said...

Catching up after my whirlwind year of teaching library sciences, which by the way I love. I found my home! it is amazing. How are Jake and Nicholas? He must be 2 now your little one? and is Jake going to the new school this fall. I can never remember if he is one year older or younger than my niece. She is still there and likes it very much. Congratulations on your new job!

Mrs. Fry said...

If I had read all the way through I would have answered my own questions! LOL.

I think I am the kind of teacher some kids love, and others don't. I hope next year, there are more on the plus side and less on the negative as I learn how to do this better each year.

It's hard work!